Our Very First Ninja Turtle

Posted by octavian on May 11, 2013 at 7:20 PM


So you may ask me; What is a Ninja Turtle?

well at least how does it relate to the Turtles here?

simply put a Ninja Turtle is a Turtle that is extremely active, that is to say active in running, walking, biking, swimming or whatever have you and does this on a regular basis to help charity or community outreach.

The best thing a turtle can do is be active and not stay still...."you never get anywhere just standing around"

Our very first Ninja Turtle I would like to announce is Jamie Becker, she continues to run miles every day using a phone app called chairty miles to use here active life to benift many good casues, and also signs up for half-marathons and 5K's. She also has gotten me interested in this endeavor and i hope to join her as a Ninja Turtle. She is a true inspiration to me and someone i depend on very much to get me out of my Laziness shell as it were.


Congratulations Ninja Turtle Jamie Becker, you are number one!


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