Are You a Turtle?

Many members of America's great fraternal organizations, such as the Shriners, Masons, Elks, and American Legionnaires, are familiar with that age-old query, "Are you a Turtle?"  Sometimes, one sees a green-shelled turtle lapel pin or tie tack, or even an auto decal with a grinning turtle asking the same question.  But what or who are the Turtles, you ask?

Quite simply, the Turtles are a drinking fraternity that exists in the United States of America as a fun-and-honor group usually within the local lodge or post, sort of a side degree. It traces its honorable origins back to the Second World War, on January 12, 1943 in an English pub, when a group of fighter pilots formed a semi-secret drinking fraternity among its squadron's members, and put prospective candidates for membership through a mock initiation.

Currently, we are a small group of people that like to come together and drink, talk and be merry. we are open to anyone who wants to join our ranks and even initiate on the spot. We are located in the Queesnbury, Saratoga area of New York.

Feel Free to contact us on the next page if you are interested in joining us or have questions about doing this where you live; we look forward to hearing from you!

Ninja Turtles

Definition- A Ninja Turtle is a Turtle that is active in any kind of sport whether it be running, swimming, jogging, biking, walking etc. and use their activity to benefit a charity or spread Turtledom principles through events involving such activities. This is an Honorary Title, and comes with a password; when asked if you’re a turtle, the Turtle Responds excitedly and loudly "A Ninja Turtle!"

The best thing a turtle can do is be active and not stay still...."you never get anywhere just standing around"

Jamie Becker - Our very First Ninja Turtle

She continues to run miles every day using a phone app called charity miles to use here active life to benefit many good causes, and also signs up for half-marathons and 5K's. She also has gotten me interested in this endeavor and I hope to join her as a Ninja Turtle. She is a true inspiration to me and someone i depend on very much to get me out of my Laziness shell as it were.